Speed Post Tracking – India Post Tracking Status

Indian Speed Post Tracking: Postal services is one of the important sources to disseminate the information or messages. In India, it is even more important. India has predominantly uses Postal service to send letters and other things. Rightly so, India is the country with largest postal service in the world. And with the population that it has, postal service will have to increase its network even more. We all know that it takes some time to reach any post. It is not desirable if you want to send any information very urgently. Here comes the Indian Speed Post. It can instantly send your post to any part of the country. Hence most of the people are using this service.

You can send a post to a domestic and international destination with the help of the Indian Postal services. Apart from posts, you can also transfer money with the help of the Indian Postal services. If you are using this Indian Postal services to send a mail or any other thing, you can check or track your post. This is possible with the latest technology and internet. Here in this article, we are going to tell you the process of Speed Post Tracking. Furthermore, you can check the below information to know more about it.

Process to India Speed Post Tracking Status:

You have to carefully read all the steps that we are going to let you know here in this process. Once you get to know the process, you can try with the Indian Speed Post services.

  • First of all, you should have your Mail Tracking Number. You will find this Mail Tracking Number on the receipt that you will get while you send your post with the Indian Speed Post service.
  • Now you have to open the Ispeedpost from your mobile phone or personal computer. You will require internet services for this process. Hence enable it on your device.
  • Once you are on the Indian Postal Service page, you should search for the Search Bar.
  • Here in this bar, you have to enter the 13-digit barcode which is nothing but the consignment number that you will find on the receipt.
  • After entering the number, you have to click on the “Track Speed Post” which is just beside the search bar.
  • With that, you will get your tracking of your Speed post.


How to Track Your Speed Post Status via SMS:

There is an easier process to track your speed post with SMS. We have given information on the process that you have to do. Hence have a glance at the below process to know more.

  • First of all, take your mobile phone.
  • Go to the Messages in your mobile and select a “New Message” Option.
  • Then you have to type “POST TRACK” and give a space.
  • After that, you have to enter the 13 digit number that you will find on the receipt.
  • Then, you can send that SMS to either 166 or 51969.
  • This is the way that you have to follow to track your speed post with the help of SMS.

Things to Remember for SMS Speed Post Tracking:

There are quite a few things that you have to remember when you are tracking your speed post with the help of SMS. Hence you have to follow them at any cost.

  • Remember to type each and every letter of the words in Capital.
  • You should type the letters in the 13 digit code in Capitals.
  • There will be some charges for this SMS service.
  • You can choose this service in almost all the mobile network operators in India.
  • From the Date of Booking, you can see the consignment status up to 60 days.

These are the things that you have to keep in mind before you use the SMS option to track your speed post. If you tend to ignore them, you might not end up with tracking your speed post.

Features and Services of Speed Post:

  • In case you are sending some valuable items with the help of Speed Post, then all your belongings will be insured. You can claim up to one lakh rupees on such valuable items.
  • In most of the major cities in India, you will have 24-hour services to send via Speed Post.
  • If you have selected the Speed Post to send mails, then you can track your consignment at the point of time.
  • Speed Post is also offering the option of checking or tracking the speed post with the help of SMS. You have to send the SMS “POST TRACK” Space 13-digit number to 51969 or 166.
  • Under some special terms and conditions, Indian Postal Service provides the discount for corporate customers.
  • There is also an option of Cash on Delivery for E-Commerce.

These are the major features and services that Indian Speed Post is offering to the customers. Since all the features and services are unique and feasible for the customers, you can use it to send the consignment to any part of the country.

How to Send a Package via Speed Mail:

Here we are going to give you the information regarding how to send any package via Speed Mail. You might require these steps if you are using the Speed Mail for the first time.

  • First of all, you have to check the weight of the item. The reason behind this is that the postage will be calculated as per the weight of the item. You should also remember that you should not try to send any prohibited items in the package.
  • Once you have checked the weight of the item, you have to pack it seal proof in a box or any other.
  • Now you have to label the box with the address of destination that you intend to send.
  • After that, you have to go to the nearest postal office.
  • They will check the weight of your consignment and they will charge you.
  • After that, they will give you the receipt which will have the consignment number. You can use this 13-digit consignment number to track your speed post.

This is how you have to send any package via Speed Mail with the Indian Postal Service. We hope that you have got the information that you are looking for.